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About Tolman Media

Our founder, Brennan Tolman, started Tolman Media in Utah in 2016. ​​His goal was to deliver beautiful, affordable wedding media to clients, while also providing valuable training and job opportunities to talented photographers and videographers. Since 2016, Tolman Media has expanded into every state in the U.S. and even internationally. Each area has a local group of photographers, videographers, and editors doing what they love, dedicated to providing our clients with trendy yet timeless wedding imagery.​ All team members are required to adhere to Tolman Media's high standards of quality and professionalism. We have developed a timeless yet trendy style and train all of our team members to shoot and edit in this style. We love capturing the beauty of every area and all of its varieties of landscape and cultures. We are always on the lookout for talented professionals with an artistic eye and a client-satisfaction mindset to join our team. We've had the privilege of capturing the wedding day of over 3000 couples company wide so far - and we've loved every second of it!

Why should I join the Tolman Media team?

We make it a priority to treat every client and team member the way we would like to be treated.   We are constantly looking for ways to make this process easy, simple, and fun.​ Every year, this industry gets more competitive with a stagnant number of weddings and an oversaturated market of photographers & videographers. This means it is harder to book jobs without time and money spent on marketing. One of the benefits of shooting for Tolman Media is we handle the marketing, booking, billing, client management, and editing. You save time and money and get to do more of what you love.

  • Grow your craft and fill the gaps in your schedule while still running your own business.

  • Choose the weddings that work for you!  No minimums.

  • Build your portfolio with diverse settings and clients.

  • You retain the rights to your images and are free to use them in the promotion of your own business.

  • No editing required! Simply upload your raw files to our secure cloud storage and get paid within the week. If you're interested in editing, we can train you on how to edit in our style. 

  • We take care of all the marketing and contracts.

  • Increase your network by working with other professionals.

  • Gain access to our training videos and materials. Learn how we shoot in a classic yet trendy style that remains consistent and appealing.

Camera Requirements

Video Camera Body:

  • Can shoot 1080 60fps (anything above is a benefit)

  • Examples: Panasonic GH5, Sony A7III, Canon EOS R, Canon 80D, Canon 6D MKII, Canon 5D MKIV, 


*Some form of stabilization required for videographers. Monopod, Zhuyin Crane, Ronin S, Gimbal, etc.

Photo Camera Body:

  • Full frame DSLR or mirrorless

  • Examples: Nikon D850 D750, Canon 5D, 6D Sony A9, A7R, A7



  • Fast prime lens 1.2-1.8 for low light

  • Zoom lens with wide range (Example 24-70mm)

Other Requirements

Wedding Experience:

  • Experience shooting weddings and extra sessions, such as engagements, bridals, family, etc.

  • MUST be able to shoot consistent with Tolman Media's style and quality


  • Expect 10-50 weddings per year through Tolman Media.

  • You MUST have your own camera.

  • $100/hour

  • Type of job: Contract



  • Motivated to master your craft and constantly be improving

  • Good at communication. Answers texts promptly and willing to call brides

  • Client satisfaction mindset 

Apply now!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our recruiting manager at