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Finding, Screening, & Onboarding

Consistent recruiting is crucial in keeping Tolman Media successful. We are always looking to add talented photographers and videographers to our team of creatives. There are three stages to recruiting: finding, screening, and onboarding. Each stage plays a vital role in making sure the new recruits are thoroughly vetted, trained, and receive access to our policies and platforms. 

A Team & B Team

Once a client signs their contract and pays their deposit, they become the responsibility of the manager. The manager should then do the following: 


- Make sure the bride has paid their deposit and signed their contract. Make sure we have signed their contract as well.

- Establish communication with the client by creating an automation on Market Surge (<3 months, 4-12 months, >12 months)

- Assign a team using Wedding Smash. Inform the client of who their photographer and/or videographer will be.

- Send the client their wedding details link to fill out via Wedding Smash. 

A Team

Established team members

Awesome photographers/videographers

Reliable, responsible, professional

Great at posing, owning a session, guiding the client(s)

Signs up for first shooter jobs

Rate: $100/hour

B Team

Good but not great, has potential 

Needs more training

Can be "promoted" to the A team

Signs up for second shooter jobs

Rate: $50/hour

Helpful Links & Training Videos

Creating Login Credentials on Wedding Smash

Posting a Job on Indeed

Posting a Job on Facebook

How to Send a DocuSign Agreement

Accessing Applications on Indeed

Accessing Applications on Facebook

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