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Uploading Footage

  • Before uploading your footage, please cull your photos/videos. Culling means to delete any blurry images, duplicates, unimportant footage, or unusable footage. 

  • All raw media (even if you are editing the footage yourself) should be uploaded to Tolman Media's drive within 48 hours of an event. We need to provide our editors with enough time to download and edit the footage in order to return galleries/videos on time - within 30 business days per the client's contract.

  • Organize your media while uploading - you can separate the files into pre-ceremony, ceremony, post-ceremony, reception or getting ready, ceremony, family and bridals, reception. Make it easy for the editor to know how to order the photos/video in the final product. 

  • Make sure your files are not re-encoded / converted / renamed. We need only RAW footage and RAW files, not converted and not renamed. 

  • Back up your footage on your own drive as well as Tolman Media's. Please keep this footage on your own drive for up to six months in case there are any mishaps with the footage.

  • Do NOT clear any media from your cards until you have confirmed ALL content has been successfully uploaded and an editor has confirmed they have received the content. 

How to Upload to Box

We use Box for our main storage of media. If you have issues using Box, you can use our Google Drive. Contact your manager to get the login information for Google Drive. 

  • A week or so before the event, your manager should send you a link to upload your footage. If you haven't received a link to upload to, reach out to your manager. 

  • Once the event is completed, click on that link and upload your footage. 

  • To avoid issues with missing footage, make sure the file count on your SD card matches the file count in the Box folder. If it doesn't match, some files probably didn't upload correctly, so please try again. 

  • If you have issues uploading to Box, watch this video.

Appropriate Upload Amounts

Culled footage sent to editors should be consistent with the footage required for the final edited gallery/video. For example, if the client booked an engagement session, they will get 75+ edited photos. To ensure we deliver the best gallery possible, you should upload between 75-150 culled raw photos to the editing team. They will then pick the best ones from what you uploaded, edit them in our style, and deliver 75-125 edited photos to the client. 

Photo Upload Amounts

  • Extra Sessions (1.5 hours of coverage)​​

    • 75-150 culled raw images uploaded​

    • 75-125 edited photos delivered 

  • 3 hours of photo coverage

    • 400-600 raw photos 

    • 200-400 edited photos ​​​

  • 4.5 hours of photo coverage ​

    • 600-800 raw photos 

    • 300-500 edited photos 

  • 6 hours of photo coverage

    • 800-1000 raw photos 

    • 400-600 edited photos

  • 8 hours of photo coverage

    • 1000-1200 raw photos 

    • 500-700 edited photos 

  • 10 hours of photo coverage ​

    • 1200-1400 raw photos 

    • 600-800 edited photos 

Video Upload Amounts

  • Extra Sessions (1.5 hours of coverage)​​

    • 50-100 raw video clips uploaded

    • 2-4 minute edited video

  • 3 hours of video coverage 

    • 100-150 raw video clips uploaded​

    • 4-6 minute edited video

  • 4.5 hours of video coverage​
    • 6-8 minute edited video

    • 150-200 raw video clips uploaded

  • 6 hours of video coverage

    • 200-250 raw video clips uploaded​

    • 8-10 minute edited video

  • ​8 hours of video coverage
    • 250-300 raw video clips uploaded​
    • 10-12 minute edited video
  • 10 hours of video coverage
    • 300-350 raw video clips uploaded​
    • ​12-14 minute edited video​


Once your footage is uploaded, you have two options - 1) you can send the footage to the Tolman Media editing team or 2) you can edit the footage yourself. 

Sending Footage to the Tolman Media Editing Team
Once your footage has been culled and uploaded properly, all you need to do is fill out the Editing Request form. Please fill out the form in the Editor's Portal. 

Editing the Footage Yourself
If you edit the footage yourself, it is required that you edit using our presets/luts and our style. You are also under the same time constraint as the TM editors - we have 30 business days to deliver edited media to our clients. Please ensure you are following the correct guidelines for editing as we promise our clients the same style and edit across all areas.

Editing Training Portal

Our HQ department has created an amazing training website to walk you through exactly how to edit both photos and videos. It goes over the Tolman Media style and how to achieve it step by step. 

Password: Style22


*No galleries or videos should be sent from the contractor directly to the client under any circumstances. All galleries and videos need to be sent to your manager to ensure it meets our quality and style.*

If you sent the footage to the editing team, t
he editing team will take care of all edits required and send the finished product to your manager. The manager will review it to make sure it meets our quality and style then they will send it over to the client. If there are any issues with the media you uploaded, your manager will contact you directly. 

If you edited the footage yourself, you need to upload the edited footage to either Pixieset (photos) or Vimeo (videos). All raw photos and videos should be uploaded to Box.


  • Login to the Tolman Media Pixieset account

  • Click on "Manage Collections" 

  • Click on "New Collection" 

  • Name the gallery the bride and groom's names and the wedding date (i.e. Jane & John 1/1/22) 

  • Enter the date of the wedding 

  • Click "Create"

  • Create folders for the photos such as getting ready, ceremony, family and bridals, and reception

  • Upload the photos in the correct folders and in the order the event transpired

  • Pick the best photo for the gallery cover

  • In Collection Settings, add category tags such as "San Diego" or "Los Angeles" and what the event is such as "Wedding" or "Engagement" 

  • In the Download settings, make sure the pin is disabled

  • Once the gallery is ready to go, click "Publish" 

  • Email the link to the gallery to your manager along with the bride and groom's names, wedding date, and the area 


  • Login to the Tolman Media Vimeo account 

  • Under "Manage Videos", click on "My Videos" 

  • Click on "New Video" 

  • Click on "Upload" 

  • Drag and drop the video into the file upload 

  • Once it's done uploading, change the name to be the bride and groom's first names and the wedding date 

  • Email the link to the video to your manager along with the bride and groom's names, wedding date, and the area. Also email the link to the raw video footage on Box. 

Raw video footage is included in the client's package and will be shared with the client if they ask for it. As for raw photos, under no circumstance should raw photos be shared with the client. 

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