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Once assigned to a wedding... 

  • Text/email the client introducing yourself and ask them when a good time for a phone call would be 

  • Have the first phone call (see below for more information on phone calls)
  • Schedule and carry out any extra sessions if needed 
  • Check in with the client periodically until their event 
  • A week or two prior to their wedding, reach out to the client to schedule the second phone call. Go over specifics of the day - locations, times, shot lists, etc. This would be a good time to go over their Wedding Details page on Wedding Smash (see below). 
  • Text/email the client a day or so before their wedding telling them how excited you are to capture their special day and to do one last check in. 

Hyper Communication

  • With Tolman Media events, hyper communication with the client is required. We should never have a client wonder why they have not heard from you. 

  • Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Would you want to be left in the dark?

  • REACH OUT TO THE CLIENT as soon as you are assigned to the wedding!

  • You should also be in frequent communication with your area manager as to your availability, questions, status, etc. 

  • Don’t wait, be proactive!

  • Always have it in writing - text/email

  • After a call, email the client after with the info that was discussed.

Cover all your bases

  • Lighting/weather/season expectations

  • Exact timing/scheduling expectations
  • Shot list and "must haves"
  • Preferences - outfits, proximity, etc.

Wedding Details Page on Wedding Smash

  • Any time the client, photographer, videographer, or event manager updates the Wedding Details page on Wedding Smash, it will appear for everyone. 

  • Client will receive a link to their personalized Wedding Details page where they can update and view their wedding information. 

  • Team members can login to the Team Member Portal and see a list of all assigned Tolman Media weddings. Click on "View Details" to see the Wedding Details page. Use this to view and add information about the wedding. 

  • The event manager has access to the Wedding Details page and will update it as well. The program also keeps a backup copy each time someone makes a change. If there is ever a discrepancy, we can go back and look at previous versions. 

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

- George Bernard Shaw

Phone Calls

The primary photographer and videographer are required to make two phone calls for every project - one within two weeks of being assigned to the project and the other within two weeks of the wedding date. We suggest doing a group call/Zoom with the client, the photographer, and videographer to ensure you are all on the same page and work together well as a team. 

Phone Call One

  • Introduce yourself

  • Get to know them! Be personable. 

  • Ask them about their love story - how did you meet, how did you propose, what do you like to do together, etc.

  • Ask them how comfortable they are in front of the camera. Will they need a lot of guidance or are they pro's? 

  • Find out what is important to them

    • What style they want - formal/staged, informal/candid, or a mix of both

    •  Go over an initial shot list - what are their must-haves? 

  • Go over their package details - how many hours they have booked, what their deliverables are (how many photos they'll receive/how long their video is)

  • Ask them if they'd like to upgrade their package at all to include audio coverage, drone footage, an extra session (engagements, bridals, first look, etc.). If they would like to add anything on, let your manager know and they will add it to their booking. 

  • Schedule their engagement session or other extra sessions if needed. 

  • Make sure they know how to contact you - give them your phone number and email 

  • Ask them how they would prefer to be contacted - call, text, or email 

  • After the call is over, make sure to put all details into the Wedding Details page on Wedding Smash. It's also good practice to send them a follow up email listing out everything you talked about so you both have record of it. 


Phone Call Two

  • Ask them how wedding planning is going

  • Go over their Wedding Details page on Wedding Smash 

  • Go over the wedding day timeline

    • Find out when they want you to be there and where ​

    • Verify addresses and travel time if needed 

    • Find out when your break will be - if the client booked 4.5 hours of coverage or more, they are required to give the team members a break (one hour max). This break may be substituted by a meal provided for you by the client. The client is only allowed one break in coverage.  

  • Go over their package details again - do they need to add more hours to their booking? If so, contact your manager. 
  • Ask them how they would prefer you to move during the ceremony - do they want you to keep your distance or be up close and personal? 
  • Go over the shot list in detail 
  • Are there any sensitive situations you should be aware of such as divorced parents, a deceased loved one, etc. 
  • If they booked drone footage, what part of the venue or location would they like covered? 
  • ​If they booked audio coverage, what exactly do they want recorded? Ceremony, vows, speeches?

  • Ask them about their song selections for their video. You can direct them to for more information on song selection. 

  • If they booked a second shooter, verify what they want you to cover vs. the second shooter. 

  • After the call is over, make sure to put all details into the Wedding Details page on Wedding Smash. Send the client a follow up email listing out everything you talked about to ensure it's all correct. 

  • Go over the Wedding Details page with the other team members assigned to the project. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Work out who is going to work point and lead vs who is going to follow. 

Second Shooters

  • As a second shooter, you should still reach out to the client to establish contact. The best option is to schedule a joint call/Zoom with the whole team.

  • Work with the primary shooter to know where you need to be and when. 

  • Let the primary run point. 

  • Make sure you know what the client wants you to cover vs. what they want the primary shooter to cover. 


REMEMBER: The wedding day is the most important day in your client’s life,

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