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We work with over 5,000 clients every year across the United States. So many of them ask us who our preferred vendors are. Now, that can be you! Our goal is to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We can make their experience even better by partnering with amazing vendors like you! We believe in collaboration, not competition. Join our Preferred Vendor Network, grow your business, make new connections, book more clients, and ultimately be more successful!

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Top three benefits of partnering

with Tolman Media


1. Free content of your location/product proactively delivered to you 

2. With our bundled and budget friendly pricing on photo and video, clients can spend more money on you and your services!

3. Tolman Media will reinvest in your business!


Tolman Media's Preferred Vendor Network was featured in a top article on Influencer Daily. The article states: "The initiative’s primary mission is to help vendors book more weddings by creating a streamlined platform that promotes collaboration. In turn, this provides clients with a seamless experience and hassle-free journey, which ensures more conversions. Moreover, the well-thought-out model is an excellent option for small or family-owned businesses that do not have the same marketing and advertising capacity as big corporations." View the whole article here.

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